Living Happily Ever After Birth:Things You Might Not Know

Pregnant Belly

Post Giving Birth - 7 Wonders You Might Not Have Been Told About

You've given birth to a beautiful new baby and you're absolutely elated. You've never experienced such feeling of unconditional love before and you've also probably never experienced so much pain!
However, post giving birth there are a few things you find out about you and your body that others have perhaps neglected to tell you!

Listed below are a few you might identify with:

Maternity Pants


You will experience heavy postpartum bleeding which can last as little as 2 weeks or as long as 6 weeks. Disposable knickers are a must! I know these knickers are so far removed from the lovely lingerie you love shopping for but believe me you will be glad you have a plentiful supply of them. They are not attractive or pleasant to wear but along with materity pads they combat the bleeding. Maternity pads are another item you will need plenty of. Whilst wearing them may take you back to your early teenage years there is no doubt they do the job. In the long run, it's a small inconvenience after birth for a long term gain of life with your new baby. 



This was a big shock for me, especially in the first couple of weeks after giving birth. I somehow miraculously thought I would be saying good riddance to my oversized clothing. However, I didn't realise how big my boobs would be when breastfeeding and ended up in the first couple of weeks going out to buy new tops with easy accessibility to accommodate them! I somehow thought after my baby was born the weight would be gone and whilst a considerable amount of it was I was still left with a jelly like belly reminiscent of my second trimester. Don't let the celebrity mums fool you into thinking you can get your body back in just a handful of weeks. It just won't happen unless you can hand your baby over to a full time nanny and have access to a full time personal trainer! 

Crying with friendsYOU MIGHT CRY ... A LOT

Your body has just been on one of the most adventurous rollercoaster rides ever so it's not surprising your hormone levels will be all over the place. Within a few minutes you can go from feeling on a big high to a downright low and not even know why! These hormonal changes effect all women differently, some cry a lot, others not so much and unfortunately some suffer full blown post-natal depression. If you're feeling a little low ask for help and don't try and do everything yourself. Sometimes, when you're in the middle of it all and feeling so tired all the time it's hard to recognise the signs. 



The many adoring photos we see of a mother and baby bonding together may not always be a reality for new mothers in the first few weeks. Breastfeeding can be difficult for some. Your body already no longer feels like your own, your breasts are sore and trying to feed a new baby is not always a relaxing experience. If it's something you want to do then it does become easier and eventually once it becomes second nature you know your baby's next feed is always to hand. If it's too uncomfortable for you and you dread the thought of feeding time then you might want to explore other options. 


Whilst you may have been impressed with your boob growth during your pregnancy, this is nothing in comparison to the growth post-birth when you milk comes in. If you are breastfeeding and your baby is late for a feed or you skip a feed then your boobs will definitely tell you about it! You may have always dreamed of 'hard looking boobs' which don't seem to move and the dreams still seem great, but unfortunately the reality is not! Weaning is another killer. When you are ready to do this make sure you only drop one feed at a time and don't try and go cold turkey!  




Hair Falling Out


By now you are thinking boy I'm going to be one hell of a pretty woman by the end of this process! Whilst some women experience lushious locks in pregnancy others can post-birth can start losing their hair. This is just one of those hormonal side effects which happens to some, not all. With a new baby you'll be so busy so at least this might save you trying to squeeze in a haircut! 

Post Birth Bowel MovementPOOING IS VERY SCARY

Saved the best one until last! After giving birth what once is renowned by you as a normal everyday bodily function now becomes a very scary prospect. However, there comes a time when nature takes it's course and you can't put it off any longer and you simply have to go. In addition, you often can't leave the hospital until you have performed this task! Allow yourself plenty of time, don't be in a rush to perform what only can be described as a sheer, tentative act of terror!

Hopefully within a few weeks you'll be well on your way to making a full recovery from giving birth and be able to laugh about some of the above. No doubt you and your little one will have been showered with gifts and well wishes and you might be thinking about organising some cards to say thank you. When you're ready view our card designs which are available in various sizes and styles.