Dreamy Newborn Photos

Capture Dreamy Photos of Your New Baby

Newborn Baby Photos

Pictures of a newborn baby are loved by everyone. Whether you're the proud parent, doting grandma/grandad or auntie or uncle when a baby is born the camera or phone comes out at every opportunity. This new bundle of joy has instantly become their own celebrity in your lives and you want to make sure you capture every moment.

With smart phones and digital cameras it's now possible for you to try and capture your own dreamy photos of your little one, just like you see in professional portraits, on the web and in magazines.

The best age to capture these dreamy images is between 5 and 14 days old. During this time a newborn baby is most sleepy and is quite tolerant of being touched whilst they are asleep.

Professionals have their own tricks of the trade when capturing the perfect baby photo so it's important to know what these tools are so you're images can look great too.

The first is light. The right lighting is a necessity. You know yourself when you see a great picture it's the lighting which has been captured just perfectly.

At home the best type of light is simply a window as it is natural light. The only thing to avoid with window lighting is direct sunlight streaming in. Sunlight can mkae images look washed out so if the sun is shining it might be better to wait until a different time of day.


The second tool needed is heat. Ever wondered how professional photographers manage to take such cute images of naked babies curled up in adorable poses? The answer is heat. When dressing a newborn baby you are always advised to put on 1-2 more layers than yourself so if you're going to undress your baby you'll need to make sure the heat is turned up (recommedation 80 degrees FH) and maybe also have a portable heater closeby but a safe distance away from your baby.

So far you've managed to get the right light, the correct temperature, so now you need to get your baby in the right position. Beanbags and a blanket are the perfect items to make your own little photography studio. Make sure the beanbag is nice and firm and lay a soft, cuddly blanket over the top. Make sure the blanket is big enough to act as a backdrop for the photos. To keep your baby asleep whilst you do the shoot favourite music or white noise might be needed. There are various apps available to download for white noise which might encourage your baby to sleep for a little longer. 

Finally, once you have your baby in position you need to be patient. Your baby needs to be completely asleep before you try and attempt to move them in the various positions you might have planned. Also, don't try and attempt to remove the nappy or put on props such as a cute hat until you know your baby is sound asleep. This also lessons the chance of being peed or pooped on but if you are wanting dreamy naked photos of your baby, you've got to be prepared for this.

Some extra tips and advice:

New Baby Photo TiltedBaby Photo PropsNewborn Baby Feet

  • Add some tilt - forgot about how you were taught to hold the camera straight and horizontal. Just tilt it a little (make sure you tilt it the right way so your baby's head is upwards) and this simple technique will allow you to capture a photo which has a great impact.
  • Use props - cute hats and headbands can have a great impact when taking naked photos. If your baby is not too happy about being naked wrapping them in a blanket or draping one over them can be an alternative.
  • Capture the details - whilst many photos of new babies tend to focus on the face, don't forget to photograph other body parts such as your baby's feet. Many people find images of baby feet so adorable and the image also helps convey the tiny size of your new arrival. Many apps also enable you to focus on some detail such as the feet and make this part of the photo sharp, whilst the background may be softer and slightly out of focus. These types of images also can create a great impact.
Finally, leave the complex poses to the professionals. The above tools described above enable you to create your own little studio to capture simple dreamy photos of your newborn baby at home. If you're looking to replicate some of the images you've seen on the web or in magazines taken by professional photographers my advice is don't. Seek out a professional photographer in your area if you are after certain types of images as to capture these positions advanced photography knowledge is needed.

Now all's that left is for you to get out your camera or phone, make the necessary preparations for your home studio and click away to capture those newborn photos you've always dreamed of. Once you've captured the perfect images you can email them to friends, post them online, print photos for your baby's keepsake book and also create your own personalised baby thank you card to send to friends and family for their generous gifts and well wishes.


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By Jane O'Neill