Black and White Baby Thank You Cards

Black and white baby thank you cards are a favourite choice for many new parents since they offer a timeless, classic look and feel. Black and white pictures can be uploaded into any one of our designs and we have also created some specific styles should you be looking for everything on the card to be printed in black and white.


Some things to be aware of when using black and white images. Some computer packages offer the opportunity to convert your colour picture into black and white. If you're looking for the image to be printed be wary of using this tool since the picture is often converted into grayscale and when printed can often look cold and grainy. For black and white pictures to print well they need to be converted into a process black and white so they look warm and rich when printed. If you want to email any colour pictures to us we can convert them free of charge or alternatively when you upload the picture you can use our editing tool and the system can convert the image for you into process black and white.


Black and white baby thank you cardsCLASSIC BLACK AND WHITE BABY CARD

Card Design:

Folded greeting card designed with two tone square border and elegant script font for a truly classic look. The colour of the text is a soft charcoal grey set at 80% black for a soft elegant feel. Black text can often look quite harsh when printed and when we originally designed the card 100% black text was too overpowing. The name and date of birth can be included on the front and there is the option to type a personal message on the card inside. The photo proportions of the card are best suited to images which can be cropped easily to a square. We have exactly the same design called Landscape Black/White which if you can't guess by the name has been designed specifically to suit landscape style photos. Suitable for boy, girl or twins!

Colour Choice:

Black/White or Gold


Black Diamonds Babycard



Card Design:

Flat card printed both sides designed with large picture area on the front and space on the reverse to type your personal details and message or leave blank if you prefer. A beautiful black and white diamond border surrounds your photo and the design flows through to the back of the card. The diamond pattern provides the card with a modern day feel whilst the black/white colouring ensures it will remain a timeless classic. 

Colour Choice:

Black/White, Blue, Pink or Grey



Baby Girl Cards with Black and White Photo



Card Design:

This is an example of how one of our most popular designs can look great with a black and white photo. The image contrasts perfectly with the two tone pink striped design and the photograph of the bow positioned just above your baby's details helps to frame them. This design is also available in blue for a baby boy. You have the option to type your own card title and include some or all of your baby's birth details.

Colour Choice:

Pink or Blue


Baby Boy Photo Cards





Card Design: 

With a large picture area your photo can be the hero. As the name suggests this design suits landscape images. It's perfect if you have a beautiful photo of your newborn baby lying down on their front or back as featured in our design. There's also the option to add a second photo on the inside cover of the card as well as write your personal greeting. You can also choose your own words to appear underneath the photo on the front of the card so you might wish to type your baby's name or thank you wording.

Colour Choice:

Pink, Blue, Gold, Green or Black


New Babycards



Card Design: 

Another example of how well black and white images look in a coloured card. This design offers the option to upload two pictures on the front. The button design follows through to the inside of the card and there is plenty of space to type a message. It's a popular choice for twins as a photo of each baby can be uploaded. 

Colour Choice:

Pink, Blue, Purple or Green




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