Baby Shower History and Traditions

Pregnant Mum


The history of the baby shower can be traced back many hundreds of years. Many historians believe the celebration of birth can be traced back as far as Roman and Egyptian times. Baby Showers traditionally took place after the birth of a baby. They were usually held at around one month of age and only women were invited to attend. The newborn baby would be introduced to all the mothers friends and family and people would bring gifts, which were often handmade items such as clothing, blankets and even some food.

The modern day baby shower celebrated today involves bringing a new baby gift, some party games, food and of course lots of talk about babies! It is now held approximately one month before the baby's expected due date. The gathering is usually hosted by a female family member but never by the expectant mother, the expectant's mother's mother or their mother-in-law. Nowadays male family members and friends can attend but most gatherings choose to still be females only. 

A baby shower is a celebration to welcome new life. Few things in life compare to the overwhelming excitement and joy a new baby brings to the family and hosting a party offers the perfect opportunity for families and friends to get together and celebrate new life, love and family values.

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By Jane O'Neill