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They do say if someone copies you it is to be taken as some form of flattery and a compliment. However, when another company tries to piggy back on your website name and all your hard work and tries to make your trusted brand and service appear as if it their own it's a different matter entirely.

Therefore, don't be fooled by another website which has chosen to almost identically copy our name (they have just added in a hyphen) in the hope of confusing customers and deceiving them by thinking they are using the original website. was founded back in 2004, several years before many of our competitors and we have worked hard to build up our brand and reputation within the Irish market. 


The original photo which inspired the real                              Click on the image below to view our cards

I just felt the need to write this piece to inform customers if you're looking for the original then you are on the right website. Websites with similar names and designs have nothing to do with us, just incase when you're searching online, you might be confused.

The business was inspired by the birth of my daughter and whilst I am flattered other competitors feel the desperate urge to piggy back on the website I am of course slightly irritated by this.

This business was born out of love and has a very emotional connection to me and I don't want my brand to be confused with others, who might not care as much about their cards or customers. I don't mind a bit of competition, it's healthy for everyone but there are hundreds of website names to choose from so why be deceptive and choose one so similar!

My only peace of mind is whilst other companies make an attempt at imitation and on some occasions try and copy our designs, they cannot replicate my morals and code of ethics and how I operate my business. We always do our best to exceed our customer expectations and make sure we provide quality cards our customers feel proud to send. If a picture is poor quality we contact customers or offer photography advice on what to look out for to make sure pictures print nice and sharp.

This is not the first time this has happened and I am sure it won't be the last but I feel the need to raise the point now, purely because the website name is confusing and since we have a good reputation and word of mouth I want to make sure customers aren't fooled by the hyphen in the domain name and want to re-emphasise the original website is

Sorry for the rant but I have spent 10 years developing the business and have worked hard to develop great quality products backed up by excellent customer service and a professional website and don't want other websites to cheapen my efforts.

Thank you to all our loyal customers for their support over the years.


By Jane O'Neill