Have you Got Your Bag Packed?

Hospital Bag


The packing of a bag starts when you are pregnant and are approaching the final stages of your pregnancy and people constantly ask you the question "Have you got your bag packed?", to which the majority reply with the answer "No".

My theory is the labour bag is just the start of things to come with regard to bag packing and in a sense helps you to prepare for the constant packing and unpacking of bags which seems to go hand in hand with having children.


It all starts off with the "nappy bag". The majority of new parents take a considerable amount of time to choose the perfect nappy bag. For a start it has to be practical and feature all the necessary handy pockets to hold wipes, nappies, cream, change of clothes, bottles etc and of course be fashionable.

After all the nappy bag is a "must have" item and will undoutedly hardly ever leave your side for the next few months so you want this bag to help convey a good and proud feeling of your new role as a parent. In addition, the nappy bag has to be unisex in style since both of you (I hope!) will share your new found parently role and have hands on experiences.

Nappy BagHaving said this, we all must recognise that there is undoutedly a difference between the male and female perspectives when it comes to packing the nappy bag. Men often have the view women over-pack but I would strongly dispute this fact based on true experiences where my "over-packing" has helped to avoid a potential catastrophe or possible child melt down! My husband on the other hand steers more towards the theory of less is more. He is quite happy to venture out of the house packing as little as possible. I believe this too may have some advantages, the main one being children may become more resilient - especially when is comes to being cold, wet, hungry or sunburnt!


The nappy bag is the first in a long succession of bags to be packed. Since my children arrived I have become the Master of Bag Packing. When the nappy bag era was over we moved onto the nursery/daycare bags, then progressed onto kinder bags and finally we reached the dizzy heights of the school bag! Let me make this clear, these are just the normal everyday bags, lest we forget the more specialist bags such as swimming, play dates, beach bags which we are also required to pack. In addition there is is "just in case bag" which usually resides in the back of the car and contains a change of clothes so every unforseen eventuality is covered.

Therefore, I have to honestly say, the joy and pride exprienced when I packed my first "nappy bag" for my first born child has begun to dwindle slightly as the years have gone by and the volume and variety of bag packing has intensified. There is no doubt the beginning of your Bag Packing life commences with the nappy bag and I believe only ceases to exist when you delegate the task to your children and they follow in your foosteps to become Master Bag Packers themselves!

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