Choosing Baby Names


Choosing a name for your new arrival should be fun yet for many parents it can sometimes be viewed as one of the most stressful decisions they ever make! There is so much to think about when choosing a baby name.

First of all (if you have chosen to keep the sex of the baby a surprise) you will have to make two shortlists: one for boy's and one for girls.

You will have your own ideas on baby names and so will your partner and other family members and friends! In addition, there may be a family tradition regarding names which you have to take into consideration and also you may want to choose a name which works well with other siblings. Furthermore, you may be searching for a name which has a certain meaning or is associated with a specific culture.



Choosing a Baby NameMany websites have compiled a list of the top baby boy names and baby girl names from official country statistics. If you log onto you will see a list of the top 25 Irish baby names for boys and girls. Whilst over the years there has been some rivalry for the top spots many of the names on the list appear year after year, proving they are a popular choice with new Mums and Dads. The popular names obviously have wide appeal and have captured the hearts of the nation. They have character and form and we know these names will stand the test of time.

Some parents prefer to choose more unusual names for their child, something which is away from the mainstream and perhaps has a more exotic and exciting feel. Unusual baby names often bring a breath of fresh air but it may be wise to weigh up the pros and cons when choosing one for your new baby.

Many parents often wait until the baby is born before choosing a name. Seeing the face of your new born baby and being finally introduced to one another can often just trigger a name. There have been many instances where new parents have spent hours researching and deciding on a name and then when their baby arrives they decide their new baby boy or new baby girl just doesn't look like their pre-chosen name and so the search begins again!

Approaching the challenge of naming your baby is a BIG responsibility and one which you will carry on your shoulders for the rest of your life! However stressful the decision may appear, be rest assured your new son or daughter will at some point be named, and be in doubt in the end you will choose a name you are proud of as you will have spent a condersiderable amount of time thinking and researching your choice!

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