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My Baby Cards Story - Co-FoundersHOW BABYCARDS.IE WAS BORN

My name is Jane O'Neill and I founded after the birth of my first born child, Molly. As a first time Mum I was so overwhelmed by the number of baby gifts received and was so taken aback by the generosity of people. Gifts started arriving as soon as the happy news was announced and seemed to go on for weeks! My husband and I wanted to send something personal to thank people for their kind wishes at such a special time and personalised cards seemed the perfect way to do this.

At the time of my daughter's birth my husband ran a digital print company in Dublin and so we set about designing and printing our own baby thank you cards. We included a photo of Molly, surrounded by her teddies (she was 5 weeks old) and wrote our own special message of thanks on the inside of the card. We sent our thank you cards to family and friends and the response received was fantastic.


Everyone had such positive comments and were delighted to receive the cards. I decided this idea needed further investigation and whilst I was on maternity leave I did some market research into the personalised baby card market in Ireland. 

The rest is history and was conceived and brought to life in 2004. 

Building a website takes a huge amount of time and resources and my husband and I would like to thank all those people who have helped with the creation of the business. 

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